Gang of thieves steals historic coin treasure

The Hanseatic Coin Treasure was stolen by four bandits and has been missing since 2011. Can you follow the clues through Lübeck’s old town and find the historic coins? Your path leads you through pits, courtyards and corridors …

The Mayor of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck asks for your support. Lübeck’s coin treasure was stolen and has been considered lost since 2011. The brazen thieves were caught, but have remained silent since their arrest. However, each of the bandits carried a piece of paper with three riddles on it. I wonder if these are clues to the hiding place of the stolen goods …?

The only certainty is that the almost 395 gold and 23,608 silver coins never left Lübeck’s Old Town Island. Find the hiding place and gain fame and honor.

Where can I find which information?

Each city rally has its own description. This contains the following information as standard: Length of the route, duration of the game, where the city rally starts and ends, when it is best to play (recommendation).

You will receive all the information you need to play during the rally while playing (at each station).

What happens in bad weather?

If the weather is bad, you can simply interrupt your city rally and resume it as soon as you like the weather again.

Simply enter your start code again under “Start mission” and continue exactly where you left off last time.

Difficulty 75%
Fun factor 90%
Adventure factor: 100%


  • Number: 1-5 persons / group

  • Duration: approx. 2 hours

  • Length of the route: approx. 3km

  • Start Station: Holstentor

  • End station: Bell founder

  • Only smartphone needed!

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